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Erik Engdahl:
Description of Bilateral Cramped State of Communication Shutdown (Non-Intimacy) by Use of the Semi-Quantitative Logarithmic Multiplication Table

(Version of 26 June 2011)

The semi-quantitative logarithmic multiplication table

Very small Small Moderate Big Very big
Very small Overwhelmingly small Extremely small Very small Small Moderate
Small Extremely small Very small Small Moderate Big
Moderate Very small Small Moderate Big Very big
Big Small Moderate Big Very big Extremely big
Very big Moderate Big Very big Extremely big Overwhelming-ly big

This kind of multiplication table could be reproduced by assigning successive power values, here powers of base 10, to the semi-quantitative attributive phrases like...

...or approximate intervals for them.

Overwhelmingly small =    0.0001        [0.00003 , 0.0003[
Extremely small      =    0.001         [0.0003 ,  0.003[
Very small           =    0.01          [0.003 ,   0.03[
Small                =    0.1           [0.03 ,    0.3[
Moderate             =     1            [0.3 ,      3[
Big                  =    10             [3 ,      30[
Very big             =   100            [30 ,     300[
Extremely big        =  1000           [300 ,    3000[
Overwhelmingly big  = 10000           [3000 ,   30000[

The number 3 in the above alignment is an approximation for the the square root of 10 = √10 ≈ 3,16. It is chosen as it serves the "multiplicative midpoint" in between the numbers 1 and 10. In mathematical terminology it is named the geometrical mean of these numbers.

Application concerning communication between human (or biotic in general) agents

In an earlier article "Autism spectrum conditions as a relational phenomenon", the author pointed out a key quantity for characterisation of a socio-psychic communinication channel, namely the degree of unintimacy or synonymously the degree of bilateral cramped state of communication shutdown.

The primary aspect of communication is to ensure that the communication channel open. To keep it open requires no activity or intellectual capacity. It is a passivity. The secondary aspect of communication, an activity, is to send information through the communcation channel (which then needs to be to some extent open).

As we still live in the prehistory of man, (upgrown) people usually live in a cramped state of communication shutdown. The cramp is an ongoing "isometric" activity (C.f. holding a heavy bag in the hand standing still. Then micro-motorical work is performed in the muscle cells.). When people try to communicate, the openness of the communication is usually limited by a bilateral cramped state of communication shutdown (non-intimacy). Its degree is determined by the product of the degrees of unilateral cramped state of communication shutdown. The product is illustrated by the above reproduced semi-quantitative logarithmic multiplication table.

As the product of two factors is zero if one of the factors is zero, the bilateral cramped state of communication shutdown vanishes, if (at least) one of the parties releases its unilateral cramped state of communication. This corresponds reversed to the proverb or saying "It is seldom the fault of one if two quarrel". No case of unilateral cramped state of communication shutdown constitute an absolute obstacle even for bilateral wide-open communication.

An aspect, which the author of this article not yet has formulated in a reasonably ready fashion, is that non-communication is an impossibility. Concerning communication what is at hand, is that is it either open or "open"(D). Closed does not exist! There are plenty of anecdotes from parents and pedagogues to person with autism who report that the last-mentioned unexpectedly have picked up astonishing reality circumstances. Persons with autism have systematically difficult to have available competences which they actually possess.

(D) The notation "A"(D) means "A and non-A simultaneously". "Existence"(D) and "truth"(D) are central concepts in dialectical logic. The physical basis for the occurrence of "existence"(D) and "truth"(D) is the irreversible loss of information in the step from reality's chaos to the psyche's non-chaotical mental representation of it.

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